17 days to go…until it all begins…I think I’ll start with a day off!

So, for those of you who have come over from my blog at 1095miles.com, you’ll know the story. For those of you who haven’t, I ran at least 3 miles a day, every day, for a year for charity. The full story (including all 365 days worth of blog posts) can be found here: 1095miles.com/andyr

Yesterday was Day 366. I finished the day before, but my Club run is on a Wednesday night so I essentially kept going for an extra day!

Today is a day off. The first for 366. I’m going to relax and have a few beers later too, just because I can!

More tomorrow…including some of the proposed marathons to be covered in the next year.

There are 17 days now until the Chester marathon on 9th October. A little more training mileage to get under the shoes and then the year kicks off. Hopefully I’ll set a good PB at Chester and kick off a great year of marathons. Here goes…

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