14 days to go…and a new world record

So today was the last long run. I promised myself it would be. I’m tapering, officially, as from today. There’s no point in doing any further high mileage, the legs and the muscles need to recover, rebuild, and restock all the energy I’m going to need to carry me to the first marathon finish line in just a fortnight’s time.

First up, thanks to Dave and Paddy from the club for a great (and very tough) trail run early this morning. It was really hard going, hilly and some really tough stumbling across a few potholed fields but a great run. Thanks gents!

The running related news of the day was the spectacular performance this morning from Kenya’s Patrick Makau at the Berlin marathon. Unbelievable isn’t it, that a man can carry himself 26.2 miles in just a little over two hours. I’d like to achieve a time within less than an hour of that, but I’m not built like the Kenyans are! We’ll see what happens.

And to the next suggestion of a marathon to add to the list…Berlin. It’s the one I wanted to do next year and it seems appropriate therefore to finish on it next September!

Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 15.20
Training mileage so far: 22.20
Marathon mileage so far: 0

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