13 days to go…I’m ill…and a third marathon is officially added to the calendar

I got up this morning, felt the now usual aches and pains, showered, dressed and hopped on the bike to buzz down to the station. That’s when I realised something was very wrong. The left knee is doing odd things on the bike. I’ve had this oddness before once or twice, but it usually passes well within the seven minute ride to my first coffee of the day. Today it didn’t. And I ache. A lot. The aches are most noticeable in my quads, but are all over the place really. I’m not used to feeling this bad, even after the marathon in April! On the ride home again, I got soaked in torrential rain three minutes after I left the office. Then the knee started playing up again when I got to the home end of the train ride.

In sum, I feel horrible, I have odd pains in my left knee and I ache everywhere else. Less than two weeks to a marathon that I have trained hard for, over a period of nearly five months now, this is the last thing I need. Time to o/d on the vitamin C I guess.

So, the rest day is actually a rest day. I didn’t run a single mile today. I actually feel bad about that, but it’s going to be better for me than killing myself trying to run when I’m off colour I suppose.

On the plus side, today I paid up and got myself a place in the Luton marathon on 20th November. It’s a 3 lap course which will likely be fine for the first two laps, but then it’ll just be deja-vu as I’m flagging for the last few miles! There aren’t many alternatives in November, and December is looking even worse! Any suggestions from the audience? I need help with finding both a December and a January marathon (in the UK preferably).

Today’s shoes: N/A!
Mileage today: 0.00
Training mileage so far: 22.20
Marathon mileage so far: 0

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