7 days to go – It’s not looking so good…on any front.

So the target for today was twelve miles. Accompanied by my trusty sidekick on a bike, off we went. Less than a mile in, the left knee was playing up badly. I have a sort of tightness running from top to bottom of the kneecap. It’s painful, but worse, disconcerting. I stopped repeatedly to stretch it, wiggle it, massage it, you name it I tried it. No difference. A split second from giving in, I decided to just run on it and see what happened. I have very little to lose, if something happens, I won’t be finishing Chester anyway.

Within a couple of hundred yards I realise it’s due to my left foot rolling inward. This is strange as I run in support shoes to prevent this, yet can actually feel it happening. As my foot rolls inwards, so does my lower leg, creating an unnatural bend at the knee. This is not at all right!

I’m told that my gait seems narrower than usual, which matches with my perception that my left knee is falling in somewhat. Proprioception is a wonderful thing to a runner, you can actually feel what’s wrong in horrible excruciating detail.

I manage to compensate a little and stop my foot rolling in so much, almost instantly the knee pain disappears. The problem is I’m clearly using some muscles somewhere, that I likely don’t normally use, to hold the leg straight. If that’s the case, I’m not convinced that they will hold up for 26 miles! This could be a very long marathon.

I complete twelve miles, concentrating entirely on my left knee(!) In just under an hour and a half, without stopping again. That’s sort of good I guess.

Another event has made it to the calendar, the London Ultra Marathon 50k in February. James and his friends are doing it and they’ve kindly accepted me as an extra member of their team. This is a slightly different take on a marathon and has a kit list including a head torch(!) amongst other things. Any recommendations dear readers?

The calendar must be half full now, just a few more to nail down and then I can get a T-shirt printed. I was thinking of doing something like a tour T-shirt with all of the marathons listed on the back. Other possibilities under discussion are Melton Mowbray, Prague, Gloucester, Berlin…the list goes on!


Today’s shoes: Silver and Yellow Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 12.00
Training mileage so far: 48.26
Marathon mileage so far: 0

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