5 days and counting…

Today one of my distant colleagues had booked in for a 3 miler. His name is Umer and, well frankly he’s slow on the uptake, having entirely missed my entire year of 3 miles a day and had to join us a fortnight later! ;-) David and Damian made up the rest of the group and off we went.

We headed out from Westminster Abbey, down towards and over Lambeth bridge before doing a u-turn at 1.5 miles. A quick detour towards Victoria and back down to Parliament Square and our three miles were done. Only Umer was on for more. He led us out towards St. James’ park and around the lake, before declaring a half mile sprint finish. And it was a sprint! We finished at 4 miles on a truly hot evening, too hot for running.

Pub chat soon turned to Damian’s training for Chester this weekend and I’m happy to report that he seems to have a level head on the subject, aiming to finish between 4:45 and 4:30, but to finish running and having run the whole distance. Good luck matey. 4:45 to 4:30 is a good window to aim for.

Just a few more miles and Chester, here we come!


Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 4.00
Training mileage so far: 52.26
Marathon mileage so far: 0

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