Just 3 days left and a punishing run!

I’ve been in Sheffield today and am staying here until tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been raining heavily, on and off all day. I managed to escape a half hour or so early (whilst it wasn’t raining) to get out there before the weather turned.

I headed out from the hotel and off down the road with no real plan. I skirted the town before spotting what looked to be the biggest hill in sight and aimed to run towards the peak until I hit 3.5 miles, then turn round.

The next mile was downhill before a sharp change to steep uphill. It turned out to be a much bigger hill than it initially looked and had me struggling along climbing at 8:30/mile. As I reached the top of the road section I spotted a bridle path which appeared to lead further up the hill. I took it, weaving it’s way up to the top of the hill and bringing me out right by the mobile telecoms mast at the very top. From here I could see I was very much at probably the highest point for some miles. I’d only just passed 3 miles though so I headed back down the same route knowing I needed a detour at some point. As I approached 4 miles the wind whipped up and the rain came. I found myself running up a steep hill alongside a road, the wind howling head on into me and transporting heavy rain with such force it felt like hailstones pelting my chest. Great. There was me looking for an easy run of 7 miles!

Arriving back within a half mile of the hotel and a bit short on distance I decided to take in a loop around the Sheffield United football ground which brought me a little over the target with a quarter mile extra mileage.

Weather forecast for Sunday doesn’t look so good. Windy and showery. Showers aren’t really such a problem aside from being uncomfortable, but an significant wind is cold and much more importantly damn hard work that with sap my precious energy reserves. It may not be the ideal day for a crazy fast time. We’ll see how it goes…


Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 7.25
Training mileage so far: 59.51
Marathon mileage so far: 0


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  1. keith says:

    good luck with the new challenge hope you have a good run tommorrow and hope damien achieves his target time