Day 4 – The Club Run after the marathon

This evening was my first run since Chester on Sunday. I was pleased to find that everyone was out for a short one as a good number of the club are off to Istanbul at the weekend to take part in the marathon there. Best of luck guys, PBs all round eh?!?

The plan was to run the old Air Log route (the club began with a small group of Air Log employees twenty or so years ago) and clock up five or six miles. Its a good road route (my preference if I’m honest is road runs) around Aldershot and as is now expected Nick and I finished the last stretch pretty briskly. It’s good to get out on the road again, despite having all manner of aches and pains to complain about!

This evenings discussion turned to what events the club organises and reminded me to plug the Halloween run on October 30th. I’ll be there as a marshall, around the three mile marker. There are 10k and 10 mile options and I’m told it’s a fun course with a great view and by 8 miles you can see all the way down. To the finish line.

See you there!


Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 5.58
Training mileage so far: 68.09
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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