Day 18 – The Last Marathon is Added to the Calendar

That’s the last one, by date. I had always planned to finish the year with the Berlin marathon as the final event and I’ve paid up [a horrendous amount] to enter. I have now got a total of NINE marathons paid up and confirmed. I guess I must be serious!

This evening was the club run. It’s getting dark very early this time of year and it’s pitch black by the time we leave rthe clubhouse. Many of the usual suspects had headed out at 18:30 to get back early enough to discuss plans for Sunday’s event. This left us a bit short on people to lead groups out. Steve B and I agreed to take a group each. I’d suggested a brisk 8, which is essentially what we achieved.

I planned to just head out to Farnham and back, maybe with a little detour to make the mileage up. Essentially I know the area by car, but I’m not much good at back routes so it was going to have to be a road run for us. We headed out to Farnham as planned, then Duncan suggested we head up Castle Hill. I said that I was fine with that, but we must check that everyone else was too. They agreed and off we went. I remember Castle Hill from many years ago and knew it was steep. What I’d forgotten was how far it continues to climb! It went on forever. We followed the road all the way up to Sandy Hill and then back down to Aldershot. 8.7 on the clock when we arrived back. A good run, or a tough challenge depending on your point of view, but certainly a loop I’ll be adding to my long run repertoire from now on.

Next time, I need to think a bit more carefully about where to take a group, assuming anybody would follow me ever again ;-)

As a complete aside, I was discussing resting heart rates with James at work yesterday. Turns out that mine bottoms out at 40 BPM as I thought it would, here’s a HRM graph of me sleeping!

HRM Track


Today’s shoes: Lime and Blue Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 8.70
Training mileage so far: 125.73
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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