Day 25 – Another Year Older…Don’t Tell Anyone, It’s a Secret ;-)

I woke up this morning, a bit late, very tired. I’ve been working on one of those ‘personal admin’ type tasks for the last few days and it’s taking up a lot of my time. It’ll be over soon. Phew.

I hopped on the bike as usual. Except it wasn’t. Somehow between last night and this morning I’ve developed a painful sensation in both shins when I pedal! Every time I push down with my foot, I get a pain in the upper part of my shins, same on both legs. When does the discomfort end?!?!

I’ve recently ordered two more pairs of Kayano 17s. I have three pairs on the go at present, two of them are knocking on the door of 300 miles though and the other ‘good’ pair have done 180! Time for some new ones. I’ll need to break a pair in and have them ready for Luton in just over a fortnight.

I wore a new pair this evening. Black ones. Finally a pair of runners that don’t turn brown within three club runs. Why didn’t I do this before?!?

This evening was the newbies club run (first Wednesday of the month) at Blackwater Valley Runners and I arrived to find we were inundated with new people. It was raining and I’d say the club was 50% down on the usual suspects, but surprisingly this didn’t matter as about a third of the group this evening were new additional people. Lovely to see so many new people and good to get out as a huge group.

We had a wide range of runners this evening meaning I played messenger, sprinting from the front runner to the back one, repeatedly. At times, this was getting on for a half mile! It was a good workout for me, I can tell you! After about a mile or so we regrouped (it all got a bit British Military Fitness as Dave stalled the front runners by doing reps up and down Redan hill!) and eventually split the group off into two. I joined the back group and we took a fairly direct route back along North Lane to the club.

It’s interesting to hear why people join a club. We had a lot of ladies join us for the first time this evening. The nights are drawing in and so they want other people to run with to feel safer. I’d thought about being safe before, but not clicked that the dark nights (and the clocks having changed just last Sunday) make it literally impossible for people to run on their own. Welcome to the club one and all and I hope we see as many of you as possible next week and in the future.

What was really good was to arrive back at the club and tell everyone we’d covered three miles. It came as a surprise to most and for some was the longest run they had done. Nice to share that achievement with people and emphasises the fact that running socially takes your mind off the time and distance, before you know it you’ve covered a good few miles. I recall Nick saying that it’s often difficult for those of us who have been running for a while to remember how far three miles actually is. It’s a long way! I know only too well how far it is, having run 3 miles a day for the year. On a bad day it seems like your climbing a mountain!

We arrived back at the club and then Nick, Alan, Steve B and I headed off for a brisk couple of miles. The first was a good pace, the last was really quick! All in, six miles done this evening and a quick beer or two after.

Oh, and I’ve had to change the ‘Who am I?’ section. I’ve made it to my mid-thirties today ;-)


Today’s shoes: Black Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 5.86
Training mileage so far: 152.65
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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