Day 28 – Falling miles and miles short

This week has been very busy, very long and very frustrating. I haven’t run in days, I’m tired and haven’t been sleeping well. I have a lot on my mind.

I set off today aiming to cover between 14 and 16 miles. I need the long miles before I get any closer to Luton, it’s only 15 days away now.

I managed 7. Rubbish. I just couldn’t focus on the running, instead choosing to mull over a meeting I had yesterday afternoon which has got to me a bit. My mind wants to keep running through what was said and the context of my actions some time ago. I feel it’s unfinished and I’m not sure I got my side of the story over effectively enough. Anyway, it’s done. I will have to get out tomorrow, alongside sorting the plumbing problems under the kitchen sink!

It’s a bit of a blow, but I found out yesterday that the Wilmslow Half is unfortunately taking place on the same day as the Barcelona Marathon next year, 25th March 2012. I’m actually really disappointed about this. The Wilmslow half is a really good event and I wanted to return in 2012 (Here’s my race report from earlier this year). I would recommend it if you’re up that way as a proper race, not a fun run. It says on the website “It’s a race not a run!” and they’re right. It is a really good half, well organised but with that little village community feel to it too. Get yourself a place NOW, it fills up very very quickly but is a superb event.

Hopefully more tomorrow and then get myself back on the mileage this week now ‘life’ has died down a bit.


Today’s shoes: Silver and Yellow Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 7.00
Training mileage so far: 159.65
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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