Day 30 – Ill

I woke up this morning feeling shocking. I’ve been feeling rough all day, full of a cold and horrible. Dehydrated and a bit sick actually.

‘What’s the worst thing you could do off the back of a day like that?’ I hear you ask.

In a word, RUN.

Despite feeling truly horrible, I managed four miles in just over 27 minutes, which is just under a 6:50 pace. Not bad at all.

I’ve decided that the route I took today has a nice bit of a [prolonged] climb at about a mile in, a relatively steep (for the area) downhill and is reasonably well lit most of the way round. I think this might become my ‘standard’ 4 miler during the darker winter months.

I’m off to try and sleep off this horribleness.


Today’s shoes: Blue and White Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 4.00
Training mileage so far: 172.33
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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