Day 36 – Long time, no hear!

Having unintentionally taken three days out, today had to be a quick one to get the legs moving again. The marathon approaches and so I wasn’t too worried about the time off, but it’s not a great policy so shortly before an event.

This evening my Dad joined me, cycling beside as best he could whilst I weaved from pavement to pavement around Aldershot. It was a pretty flat run, with only one significant hill down near the Police Station (I ran down it the other day with BVR, this evening we went up) which allowed me to catch up with my Dad as he slowed down a bit to climb up it.

12 miles done in 1h25m means I’m well off the pace of a month ago, but I’m not trying to set the world alight this weekend. This one is just getting round and Lisbon will be a bit quicker hopefully.
Right, another day off tomorrow and then maybe six on Tuesday. Work gets busy after that so I have little choice but to rest up as I have no time for running Wed/Thu/Fri. A short jog around the block on Saturday and then up early for Sunday’s marathon should do it.

More in a couple of days…


Today’s shoes: NEW Blue and White Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 12.00
Training mileage so far: 194.26
Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

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