Day 46 – Back to running already?

I missed last week’s club run as I was working late. Glad to be back this week. There were a lot of people about this week, which was great to see and the front group was probably fifteen strong.

Alan led us out and after about a mile announced we’re going to be doing some Fartlek training. Essentially some short faster spells in between our normal pace. I decided I’d be best off hanging around at the back and taking it easy, this is supposed to be a recovery run after all. I managed to do that for all but the last couple of efforts where we managed some seriously fast and fun sprints!

Good run guys, thanks.

Lisbon approaches. From here I relax now and just do some gentle miles.


Today’s shoes: New Blue and White Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 8.39
Training mileage so far: 213.98
Marathon mileage so far: 52.56

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