Day 50 – Too much, too soon?

This morning was a 9am Sunday run with the club and a very good turn out too. Dave, Paddy, Alan, Chris, Lawrence and I headed out for about 10 miles. The first couple of miles passed quite quickly, I felt ok, not great, but ok given a marathon just 7 days previous. After seven miles I was feeling really knackered. And I mean really knackered. I had no energy. Alan was on for a bit of a tempo run for the last couple of miles but for once, I was not.

It’s probably too much, too soon I guess. My ankles are aching a bit this evening too. I ran in a relatively new pair of shoes today (circa 20 miles) which aren’t really bedded in and providing the cushioning I need. The worry is the pair I intended to run Lisbon in, just 7 days from now, only have 25 miles on them. I might have to change the game plan and go back to a 200 mile pair, otherwise my ankles might punish me for it!

I’ve paid up for the Great North Run once again, I have a priority place again this year and willingly paid the price to accept it for 2012. That’s four years in a row I will have done it now. If I recall correctly my times are (and have certainly been improving) 2009: 2h04m, 2010: 1h59m, 2011: 1h28m. I can’t imagine I’ll be knocking much off this year’s time in 2012. I’ve got my pace down to something very good for me so we’ll see what happens. If you’ve never done the Great North, get yourself in the ballot and go and do it. In a running career, it’s one of those boxes you must tick, to cross the Tyne Bridge with 53,999 other runners is something amazing. DO IT!


Today’s shoes: Black Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 10.00
Training mileage so far: 223.98
Marathon mileage so far: 52.56

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