Day 53 – My left big toe is trying to sabotage my marathon!

I arrived home late, in a terrible rush to change and head back out of the door to make it in time for the club run. When I took my sock off, I found that the nail on my left big toe had split. About a quarter of it had lifted away leaving a thin lower layer in place. Lovely. That’s going to feel great after 26 miles on Sunday isn’t it! Alan came up with a brilliant suggestion this evening of supergluing the nail back down, brilliant, but too late as I’d already chopped off most of it! It’s an idea for (if there is a) next time!

Having checked the elevation profile for Sunday, while we’re on the subject, it’s worse than I thought. The route is essentially flat aside from a mile downhill at 12 miles and then a repeat of the same uphill stretch in the last mile! That’s about as bad as it can get I should think. That last mile is really going to hurt!

Anyway, onto this evening’s run. Not sure if Dave was trying to kill me, but he later mentioned he hadn’t realised Lisbon was this weekend. He thought it was next weekend! Anyway, the route essentially weaved about a bit until we found a big hill, then we ascended for about a mile and a half, taking us to the top of Farnham. From there we took Castle Hill down to the town, did a loop of the town centre to ‘admire the festive lights’ and headed back out to the club. nine and a half miles including a sustained hill climb is somewhat more than I had in mind, but I enjoyed it anyway!

Roll on Sunday…


Today’s shoes: Black Kayano 17s
Mileage today: 9.37
Training mileage so far: 223.98
Marathon mileage so far: 61.93

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