Day 56 – Hello from Lisbon!

It’s the day before the Lisbon Marathon and my ankles ache a lot. I’ve done too much between Luton a fortnight ago and today. Not too much mileage. Nor too many runs. I’ve just ran too hard each time I’ve been out and haven’t given myself time to recover.

I got out this morning and decided I’d do up to three miles. I headed down the road from the hotel, downhill before looping back and up a pretty steep and prolonged climb. Lisbon, as I had been warned by my colleagues, is hilly. Very. I do wonder how accurate the elevation profile will turn out to be for this one. My experience suggests I should expect limited similarity to the actual course!

Yesterday, just after we arrived, we headed out to the ‘Stadium’, Estadio 1° de Maio as instructed to collect my race number. When I say Stadium, it’s no Wembley. It looks like this… 8-)

Something that was nice to find was that they ask you what size t-shirt you want and then hand you a little backpack with your shirt and race number in. Here’s muggins sporting said kids rucksack ;-) (And yes, that’s the builders from the building site in the background!)

Lisbon is an interesting place. It’s like an amalgamation of an old city of grand houses and palatial buildings coupled with sprawling sixties concrete. There’s very little in between. It also boasts (or more likely bemoans) some of the most prolific street/graffiti artists I’ve ever seen. The whole place is tattooed in multi colour aerosol paint, some of which is mightily impressive, but most of which is not. More about Lisbon later. I’ve got a marathon to run!


Today’s shoes: Old Blue/White Kayano 17s (~200 miles)
Mileage today: 2.60
Training mileage so far: 226.58
Marathon mileage so far: 61.93

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