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I have stuff to do this evening so having been a very lazy beggar this morning had to fit a run in to an hour this afternoon. I managed 6 miles, but not just any six miles… I decided to have a little run round a place which, it is safe to say, was my […]

Having done nothing in the running stakes since my incredibly short Sunday run, I was looking forward to a long Club run. As it turns out several of the guys had done the Wokingham half on Sunday (and run some serious times too) so it ended up being a rather short one, just shy of […]

About 45k short today. I’m calling it easing myself back in. Slooooowly. It’s actually because I know the ankle still niggles after every single run but I’m also conscious that I want to get to Barcelona and run my next marathon there. Niggles and marathons don’t mix well. Today I was of course supposed to […]

I’ve had complaints. I’ve had complements. I’ve had injuries. I’ve run another marathon. I’m back! (And I promise to keep you updated this time!) Last night was the first enjoyable, virtually pain free and certainly worry free run I’ve managed in over 4 weeks. I completed the Gloucester marathon on what I knew (by 8 […]