Short Sunday

About 45k short today. I’m calling it easing myself back in. Slooooowly. It’s actually because I know the ankle still niggles after every single run but I’m also conscious that I want to get to Barcelona and run my next marathon there. Niggles and marathons don’t mix well.

Today I was of course supposed to run the London Ultra 50k. I didn’t. I (hopefully wisely) decided I would focus on Barcelona and build my mileage back up slowly for a few weeks. I’d planned to run with James and a few of his pals but pulled out a couple of weeks before due to having been injured and off the running feet for three weeks.

Cast your eye over the marathon schedule to your right and you’ll find August’s marathon is non-existent too. That’s tactical. I’m going for 12 marathons in 12 months and there are now 12 paid up event places organised.

More soon…

Oh, and I’m reliably informed that comments aren’t functioning properly on the blog. As soon as I get a few minutes I’ll get the spanners out and have a tinker with the workings ;-)

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