Finally a long Sunday run!

I’ve got Barcelona coming up so I need to get some miles under my feet. I was determined to get out there today. At least I was until I got up this morning and realised it was raining. Raining quite hard too!

Outside looked terrible, roads were flooding, not a nice day. I’ll wait until later…

By 15:30 it was starting to ease off a bit so I threw my gear on and headed out to the ranges. I’ve just bought yet another new pair of shoes but these are quite garish blue and red so they needed some serious mud to try and cover them up!

The ranges were definitely muddy! I was splashing about in ankle deep, brown murky puddles and sliding all over the place. Great fun and it’s so nice to get back to enjoying running finally. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt happy in my running shoes, what with all of this injury rubbish to contend with.

I’m resisting the urge to rant about inconsiderate dog owners today. I had a few words with a couple this afternoon. Nuff said…

Anyway, 16 miles done. Muddy. Wet. Enjoyed it.

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