I fly to Barcelona in six hours…

…and I’m worse prepared for this marathon than the first one I ever did. Or any other marathon I’ve done come to think of it!

Anyway, a few hundred quid spent on flights and hotels and a other £50 on a marathon entry sort of commits me to at least cross the start line. See you on the other side of the Barcelona marathon. If I make it!

Have a great weekend, wherever you’re running.

And I’d like to say I wish the best of luck to Sandra and the girls from the club. Enjoy your first half marathon ladies. As I said the other day, you’re better prepared than you think (and much better prepared for your Sunday than I am for mine!) so run steady, stay focused, let everyone overtake you in the first 200m, you’ll pick them off one by one just three miles later when they’re tired(!) and most of all, enjoy the thrill of completing your first half. I am truly impressed by all of you!

If you happen to be at the Fleet half this weekend, cheer the Blackwater Valley Runners on please. And if you happen to be in Barcelona, I’ll be running in my BVR shirt too.

Off to a sunny place, back in a couple of days, hopefully one marathon further on…

Oh, and I’ve fixed the non-working comments box. Spam Free WordPress is a plugin that causes NOBODY to be able to post comments. Finally found the problem!


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  1. Sandra McCaig says:

    Hi Andy

    Hope your marathon went well, we all completed the Fleet today, some of the girls in some very good times, unfortunately I struggled big time but did finish, so glad about that.

    See you on Wednesday at the Club


  2. Sandra McCaig says:


    I would also like to say that you so much for all your advice and encouragement that you have given to me over the last few months.

    Safe journey home.