The day before it all goes right or wrong…

I’m a last minute merchant when it comes to pre race prep. Always faffing about at midnight the night before. I’m the same with packing to go away though too. I finally went to bed at midnight. The flight is at 06:15 from Heathrow and the cab is booked for 4am. 3 hours kip it is then!

We landed and put our watches forward an hour. That’s brought the marathon start an hour closer. I’m tired already, this just makes it worse!

Then they tell us the clocks here go forward an hour on Sunday morning.


By my maths the 08:30 gun is actually an 06:30 gun now.

3 hours sleep on Friday night was bad enough, but now I’m going to have to be up at 05:30 local time (knock 2 hours off that and you get the real story!) for the necessary pre marathon ritual.

This is not going to be my best performance!

On the plus side, food wise I’m going well. I’ve just polished off my second paella of the day so I have rice coming out of my ears now.

I went for a mooch around the marathon expo today too, after I’d collected my number. Have a look atthe photo of ‘The Wall’ above. They had an Adidas sponsored wall that you were invited to add your moniker to. Made me smile. Turns out I’m in the start pen for sub 3 hours. I think I’ll drop back a bit in the morning and start somewhere more realistic. I recall identifying Barcelona as the marathon to try and break my PB and obviously submitted a suitably optimistic time to boot. Injury and general lack of focus has left me unsure that I’ll finish tomorrow. My PB is safe for an awful lot longer now I’m sure!

My pre-marathon 3 miler in the morning turned into a 3.5 miler in early evening. It’ll do. I had a nice exploratory run around the hotel/marina area. Quite fun, but wow it is hot here!

More tomorrow, once I’ve hopefully finished the fifth marathon of the 12 month challenge…


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