Wednesday Club Run 28/3/12

Feeling ok after a marathon is odd. You shouldn’t, but I will admit to feeling reasonable. I chucked the purple and yellow Barcelona marathon shirt on and headed down to the club to see everyone. There were a lot of events happening over here on Sunday whilst I was running abroad. Most notably the Fleet half was run by quite a few of our club. Well done to all of you, especially the ladies who did their very first (yes, that’s first and so not last) half marathon in hotter weather than I had in spain! Dave and Lawrence did a 21 miler in really good times too. It sounds like Steve has injured himself. Hope you’re ok and back soon.

All in all, a good weekend of running for many of the club!

Eight and a half miles done tonight with a pretty fast final mile. Feeling ok. Still looking forward to Brighton and it’s only two and a half weeks away now.

We arrived back at the clubhouse to find a far too smart Nick sat tapping away at his computer, having been delayed by the chaos at Waterloo this evening. We had a brief chat about the Sparkasse marathon and how Nick plans to ‘not race’. Looks like we might jog the whole thing which will probably be a good idea given that Berlin is only a week prior.

I’ve just received a new toy too. It’s the new Garmin 910XT. Expect a review soon but first impressions are very favourable.

Back soon…

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