The countdown continues. The taper doesn’t!


It’s less than 96 hours to a marathon. Rest is what I need. Instead I find myself running up a fairly steep incline. John beside me asks if this is what I call a taper, delivered with the requisite level of mild comedy in his voice!

No, this isn’t. No.

Tonight was a quick run. Six miles. And hilly. Completely the opposite of what the ‘rulebook’ says. Cheers Dave ;-)

And so, that’s it. No more running until the now traditional 3 miles on Saturday afternoon before every marathon, to make sure the legs still work and check I have everything I need.

Next stop Brighton!

See you there. Say Hi if you spot my white cap and blue Blackwater Valley club shirt (it will be the only one there sadly) and all the best to any of you who are running the marathon too. Weather forecast currently looks quite favourable, but experience tells me it can all change in a couple of days…

I’d like to say good luck to Reevsey who is running for Cancer Research. Thanks for getting in touch. Enjoy your first marathon!

That’s me for a couple of days now. See you on the other side of marathon number six!


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