22 hours to go…and another half is in the calendar

I’m at the Brighton Marathon expo. The race timer is up, counting down to the gun. 22 hours to go!

Just met Keith, the guy I first got to know exactly two years ago now when I ran the very first Brighton marathon. Nice bloke, great to see he’s doing well in his training, surprised to hear he has a significant birthday coming up next year and is planning a marathon to match it. I hope I’m still running when I’m your age Keith. Good luck tomorrow, see you at the finish!

I’ve also just seen Chris from the Chester marathon. Lovely to speak to him and catch up. Chris is significant in my running history. He tried (and repeatedly failed) to talk me into the Chester marathon at several finish lines. Eventually I gave in. It still stands as my PB marathon. Go do it on 7th October! Enter here!

Here are a couple of pictures. That’s Chris at the Chester marathon stand.

Chris worked his magic again and has sold the Chester half to me. Another makes the calendar! Thanks Chris!

All the best to everyone running tomorrow. Enjoy it! See you all on the other side…

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