Larking about on two (tiny) wheels for anti-marathon day

Today is anti-marathon day at Allow me to explain. I’m not running London this year but I have a Good for Age time to claim a place for 2013. Given I ran a marathon last weekend and will be running another next weekend, this is a good thing! I hereby label today anti-marathon day. What else to do though…? This will be a rather off topic post until you get near the bottom I’m afraid, I’ll try and rein it back in to the running world by the end, I promise it’ll be worth the read!

Today I’ve been at the National Cycling Centre. Yep, the one where the GB cyclists train. No, I didn’t meet them. But I did ride my Brompton round the velodrome!

There is a promo video now up on the Brompton site…they filmed this while we were there (gate-crashing!) and I think they’ve done a great job!

Having never had the opportunity of visiting a velodrome, I was mighty surprised to find that the banked curves are at 45 degrees! Much steeper than I expected.

After the velodrome session we (about 60 of us on Bromptons) went for a ride into Manchester. 13 miles of rain and mud. Quite fun actually and much better than it sounds!


Back to running I suppose…

It’s London marathon day. Congrats to both Sharon and Lawrence of BVR on completing the marathon in two superb times. Very well done guys, all that training and patience paid off!

You probably spotted the well publicised story of Matthew Loddy running 100 marathons in 100 days. Nuts! I heard him on the radio this morning, speaking to the same journo I spoke to on R5Live back in September. 100 marathons in 100 days is impressive. What is more impressive is why he has done it. He kept his word to his late friend before he passed away. Well done Matthew, you truly have something to be very proud of. Here’s his website if, like me, you feel the need to support his amazing achievement.

Oh, and I didn’t run today!

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