Pre-Marathon 3 miles as usual…

It’s raining today. Good practice for tomorrow I suspect. The forecast is grim for the Manchester marathon tomorrow. Rain and windy is the expectation. If it is right, it’s going to be a long cold run!

My friend Keith dropped me a text last night to say he’s finally given in and signed up for his fourth Brighton marathon. Glad to hear it Keith! See you at the start yet again!

This morning’s run was pretty terrible. I ache a lot and really struggled for the first mile and a half. Oddly enough, this is a good thing as many of you will know. I usually have a good run the day after a particularly bad one. Here’s hoping!

In other news, I’ve been working on adding some more pages to the Reviews and Clues section. Keep an eye on it for some new and hopefully interesting articles appearing soon.

Marathon number seven tomorrow, see you on the other side…

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