I’m on my way to Edinburgh…

…for my eight marathon of the 26more ‘year’ and my personal tenth marathon. Into double figures tomorrow…

I haven’t really got time today for my usual pre-marathon 3 miler so I waited until it was dark, and therefore cooler, last night to get the miles in.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is not great, a very warm 20 degrees. Much like Brighton last year, a bit on the warm side and hydration will be a problem for many people.

I hadn’t realised that the marathon was so big. Turns out it’s 16,000 runners and another similar amount are doing a half earlier in the morning too.

The reviews on Runners World aren’t complimentary. Maybe I should have checked that before I entered. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Good luck to Neil of BVR, it’s his first marathon tomorrow. For the rest of you, enjoy the run ;-)

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