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Leaving the house at 07:30 on a Sunday morning is no fun. What’s worse is when the car registers 7 degrees as you leave and falls to 3.5 by the time you hit the fog on the M25. At this point I started to worry about the t-shirt and shorts choice I’d made for running […]

It’s 4:45. Early. Cold. It’s marathon day. I get up, the shirt is laid out downstairs, number pinned low, just as I like it. Kettle on, coffee will get me going. Focus. Time to get ready. The year starts here. This year starts here! Click. What’s that? That’ll be the kettle. Brain not in gear. […]

Tomorrow we travel to Luton. I spend around three hours and forty five minutes running laps of the place and marathon number two is done. I have the strong impression that doing laps of a course is going to be extremely tedious, but having never done so, I just don’t know, I’ll try (just about) […]

…but it got a bit quick! Four days shy of a marathon just isn’t the time to be racing yourself, but 7.3 miles in 50 minutes isn’t bad at all. If you’re not about to run a marathon this week, of course I’ve been full of a cold for days now. I just don’t seem […]

Having unintentionally taken three days out, today had to be a quick one to get the legs moving again. The marathon approaches and so I wasn’t too worried about the time off, but it’s not a great policy so shortly before an event. This evening my Dad joined me, cycling beside as best he could […]

Tonight’s club run was good. We saw quite a few of last week’s new recruits which is always good, it means we didn’t scare too many people away! We headed out around Ash, not quite past my house (always annoying to do so, thankful we didn’t!) and out to North Camp and Farnborough. A nice […]

I woke up this morning feeling shocking. I’ve been feeling rough all day, full of a cold and horrible. Dehydrated and a bit sick actually. ‘What’s the worst thing you could do off the back of a day like that?’ I hear you ask. In a word, RUN. Despite feeling truly horrible, I managed four […]

You guessed it, the butt of many a joke and a huge number of impersonations. The guy who fixed it for many a kid of my generation and beyond. The legend you could hear jangling from some distance away, Sir Jimmy Savile OBE sadly passed away just a few days ago. Now, I say this […]

This week has been very busy, very long and very frustrating. I haven’t run in days, I’m tired and haven’t been sleeping well. I have a lot on my mind. I set off today aiming to cover between 14 and 16 miles. I need the long miles before I get any closer to Luton, it’s […]

I woke up this morning, a bit late, very tired. I’ve been working on one of those ‘personal admin’ type tasks for the last few days and it’s taking up a lot of my time. It’ll be over soon. Phew. I hopped on the bike as usual. Except it wasn’t. Somehow between last night and […]