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Having cycled back from the station and felt a serious nip in the air, I made the mistake of assuming it was cold enough to be wearing a base layer and running tights this evening. It was not! At least the base layer was short sleeved, but it was still far too warm for it. […]

This morning I headed out early so I’d have time to run my section of the race and check the signs and decoration. I did, but only just. Last night’s heavy heavy rain and strong wind had taken it’s toll on lots of the preparation the club had done and I spent my time reinforcing […]

So I began the day with the Parkrun. I haven’t been there in a while and am still feeling the effects of a marathon followed by quite a few medium distance runs so my expectations weren’t too high. I met a guy at the start who had also done the Chester marathon and he confirmed […]

That’s the last one, by date. I had always planned to finish the year with the Berlin marathon as the final event and I’ve paid up [a horrendous amount] to enter. I have now got a total of NINE marathons paid up and confirmed. I guess I must be serious! This evening was the club […]

This morning Dave and I headed out to Hankley Common so he could show me where I’m going to be marshalling next Sunday for our Club’s Halloween run. Photos and information can be found HERE and according to RunnersWorld reviews, it was a fun challenge. See the reviews and enter online HERE! Having run eight […]

For my final run in Norfolk I’d been hoping to keep up the twelve miles but not today, I wasn’t feeling it. However, the first hundred training miles are done, not that there’s any specific target on that score, but it’s a hundred all the same. Back to the daily grind in just a few […]

Today I ran almost the same route as Sunday. It makes for a good run aside from the mad national speed limit section in the middle! Another marathon has made it to the list as well. I’m returning to run Barcelona for a second time, but a marathon this time. In January of this year […]

First up, who said Norfolk was flat? I ran on the flattest bits I could find, but there were certainly gradients involved. I haven’t bothered to venture down to Sheringham yet (and may well not do so as a run) as it’s a really steep downhill to get there and would mean one hell of […]

As it says, squeezed into the day in place of no run at all, just the good old three miles today. Off to Norfolk tomorrow. It’s flat, right? Andy. Today’s shoes: Silver and Yellow Kayano 17s Mileage today: 3.00 Training mileage so far: 71.09 Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

This evening was my first run since Chester on Sunday. I was pleased to find that everyone was out for a short one as a good number of the club are off to Istanbul at the weekend to take part in the marathon there. Best of luck guys, PBs all round eh?!? The plan was […]