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Today is anti-marathon day at Allow me to explain. I’m not running London this year but I have a Good for Age time to claim a place for 2013. Given I ran a marathon last weekend and will be running another next weekend, this is a good thing! I hereby label today anti-marathon day. […]

I’m at the Brighton Marathon expo. The race timer is up, counting down to the gun. 22 hours to go! Just met Keith, the guy I first got to know exactly two years ago now when I ran the very first Brighton marathon. Nice bloke, great to see he’s doing well in his training, surprised […]

Many fellow runners and fellow ‘I hate being rushed because I panic’ types will appreciate the photo below. Some people say I’m obsessive about stuff. I can’t think why! This evening I packed (just) my running gear for the 3 miles on Saturday and of course the marathon on Sunday. I’m not sure I’ve covered […]