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It’s my third year running in Manchester and I have to say, this is my favourite 10k. True, it’s expensive, but it’s also very well organised, flat as a pancake and simply huge with 40,000 runners this year! This is the biggest 10k in the UK. They close Manchester city centre down for the event […]

Some months ago my colleague James though it would be a good idea to challenge all of his colleagues to a 10k. He’d had an email from the Civil Service Sports Club inviting him to the Queen’s Jubilee 10k in Battersea park. Obviously I was happy to offer him some competition, others were less keen, […]

Having spent last night in London at a family celebration and then driven north, battling the M1 roadworks to arrive at 2:30am, I wasn’t looking forward to the alarm. At 5am! A couple of hours sleep is not what I need. I woke up, bumbled about making little sense and could not stomach breakfast. Not […]

This will start well and might eventually descend into a rant. Sorry, but that’s what it needs! Leaving the house this morning was tough. It was raining, cold, windy and generally horrible outside. And I had another marathon to run. Not the best day for a very long run eh?! We parked the car and […]

Today is anti-marathon day at Allow me to explain. I’m not running London this year but I have a Good for Age time to claim a place for 2013. Given I ran a marathon last weekend and will be running another next weekend, this is a good thing! I hereby label today anti-marathon day. […]

Whilst out running on Saturday afternoon I noticed this sign on Madeira Drive. I quite like it. Anyway the weather forecast at 6am suggested it could be as cold as 4 degrees. Given my ‘half a wardrobe’ approach to packing for the weekend you would expect that to be no problem at all. I had […]

I had a great day and completed the 2012 Brighton marathon in 3h22m23s. I’m very pleased. Well done to everyone who finished today. Be proud of yourselves! I’d also like to personally and very publicly congratulate two very good friends of mine, James and Keith, on both setting PBs (by about 15 minutes each!!!) today. […]

It didn’t start well. My alarm woke us up at 5:30. Shame my bloomin’ Blackberry too-bloody-smart-phone had taken it upon itself to add another hour in addition to the one I added last night. Great to be woken up at 4:30 and spend 10 mins trying to convince yourself that it really has gone wrong! […]

Leaving the house at 07:30 on a Sunday morning is no fun. What’s worse is when the car registers 7 degrees as you leave and falls to 3.5 by the time you hit the fog on the M25. At this point I started to worry about the t-shirt and shorts choice I’d made for running […]

It’s 4:45. Early. Cold. It’s marathon day. I get up, the shirt is laid out downstairs, number pinned low, just as I like it. Kettle on, coffee will get me going. Focus. Time to get ready. The year starts here. This year starts here! Click. What’s that? That’ll be the kettle. Brain not in gear. […]