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So the target for today was twelve miles. Accompanied by my trusty sidekick on a bike, off we went. Less than a mile in, the left knee was playing up badly. I have a sort of tightness running from top to bottom of the kneecap. It’s painful, but worse, disconcerting. I stopped repeatedly to stretch […]

Having taken another two days off, today was supposed to be six miles. I decided on an out and back route and was glad I did. At three miles I was really struggling and felt absolutely out of energy. The return three were tough and I really felt like giving in. I can’t even manage […]

The club run never fails to motivate me to get the running gear on. Thankfully! I’ve been abysmal of late at getting out there, preferring to give in to aches and pains, which really is not like me. Got to get my ar$e in gear again. Giving up 1095miles was a bad idea, I should […]

The knees are still not right so another day off it is. Physically that’s probably a good thing. Psychologically it’s terrible. I’m out tomorrow night whatever as it’s the club run. A couple of days ago I found this page on what not to do in a marathon and really enjoyed reading it. It’s based […]

I got up this morning, felt the now usual aches and pains, showered, dressed and hopped on the bike to buzz down to the station. That’s when I realised something was very wrong. The left knee is doing odd things on the bike. I’ve had this oddness before once or twice, but it usually passes […]

So today was the last long run. I promised myself it would be. I’m tapering, officially, as from today. There’s no point in doing any further high mileage, the legs and the muscles need to recover, rebuild, and restock all the energy I’m going to need to carry me to the first marathon finish line […]

The dying days of the marathon training schedule have today down as a 10 miler. I awoke feeling horrendous again and so I decided to take it a bit easier. I surfed the net for some ideas of marathons to do in the UK over the next couple of months and frankly have drawn a […]

I always said that when I finally took a day off, I’d get ill. I didn’t expect it to happen after just 24 hours! I woke up this morning full of a cold and feeling terrible! This afternoon’s run was really tough and very odd. I felt horrible and tired. I ran slowly. Worryingly about […]

So, for those of you who have come over from my blog at, you’ll know the story. For those of you who haven’t, I ran at least 3 miles a day, every day, for a year for charity. The full story (including all 365 days worth of blog posts) can be found here: […]