What’s this all about?

On 20th September 2011 I ‘graduated’ to the 1095miles.com hall of fame, having run at least 3 miles a day, every day for an entire year. You can see my daily blog of the entire challenge by clicking here.

The next day I went for my club run. Then I took a day off. I got ill. I haven’t had time to fall ill for a year and my body knew it! I needed a new challenge to keep me running, but also let me grab a bit of my life back after allowing my world to revolve around my running kit for 365 days.

That’s where 26more.com comes in. I’ve decided that in order to keep myself running and to challenge me, I’m going to run 12 marathons in the next 12 months, starting on 9th October with the Chester marathon.

This is the blog of my marathon year of marathons…

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