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Today I entered another marathon. No, I’m not trying to sneak another one in, I’m trying to space them out a bit instead. I entered the Wales Marathon, starting in Tenby. It’s a really hilly one and no doubt will be a challenge for me, but it’s probably better to do that and drop the […]

Whilst out running on Saturday afternoon I noticed this sign on Madeira Drive. I quite like it. Anyway the weather forecast at 6am suggested it could be as cold as 4 degrees. Given my ‘half a wardrobe’ approach to packing for the weekend you would expect that to be no problem at all. I had […]

I’m at the Brighton Marathon expo. The race timer is up, counting down to the gun. 22 hours to go! Just met Keith, the guy I first got to know exactly two years ago now when I ran the very first Brighton marathon. Nice bloke, great to see he’s doing well in his training, surprised […]

Many fellow runners and fellow ‘I hate being rushed because I panic’ types will appreciate the photo below. Some people say I’m obsessive about stuff. I can’t think why! This evening I packed (just) my running gear for the 3 miles on Saturday and of course the marathon on Sunday. I’m not sure I’ve covered […]

Hmm… It’s less than 96 hours to a marathon. Rest is what I need. Instead I find myself running up a fairly steep incline. John beside me asks if this is what I call a taper, delivered with the requisite level of mild comedy in his voice! No, this isn’t. No. Tonight was a quick […]

5 days to go. It’s exciting. It’s the third Brighton marathon. It’s my third Brighton marathon! I spent a bit of time trawling the website and checking the final details. My train ticket is booked and I’m all ready to go now. Aside from the legs! I’ve done a few longer runs since Barcelona and […]

It didn’t start well. My alarm woke us up at 5:30. Shame my bloomin’ Blackberry too-bloody-smart-phone had taken it upon itself to add another hour in addition to the one I added last night. Great to be woken up at 4:30 and spend 10 mins trying to convince yourself that it really has gone wrong! […]

I’m a last minute merchant when it comes to pre race prep. Always faffing about at midnight the night before. I’m the same with packing to go away though too. I finally went to bed at midnight. The flight is at 06:15 from Heathrow and the cab is booked for 4am. 3 hours kip it […]

…and I’m worse prepared for this marathon than the first one I ever did. Or any other marathon I’ve done come to think of it! Anyway, a few hundred quid spent on flights and hotels and a other £50 on a marathon entry sort of commits me to at least cross the start line. See […]