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I may not have mentioned that my chip failed to register at the finish line of this years Brighton marathon. It did fail. It’s taken me a few days to get SportsSystems to review the video and add me into the results. Turns out my chip time was 3h22m38s and I crossed the line in […]

Whilst out running on Saturday afternoon I noticed this sign on Madeira Drive. I quite like it. Anyway the weather forecast at 6am suggested it could be as cold as 4 degrees. Given my ‘half a wardrobe’ approach to packing for the weekend you would expect that to be no problem at all. I had […]

I had a great day and completed the 2012 Brighton marathon in 3h22m23s. I’m very pleased. Well done to everyone who finished today. Be proud of yourselves! I’d also like to personally and very publicly congratulate two very good friends of mine, James and Keith, on both setting PBs (by about 15 minutes each!!!) today. […]

I’m at the Brighton Marathon expo. The race timer is up, counting down to the gun. 22 hours to go! Just met Keith, the guy I first got to know exactly two years ago now when I ran the very first Brighton marathon. Nice bloke, great to see he’s doing well in his training, surprised […]

Many fellow runners and fellow ‘I hate being rushed because I panic’ types will appreciate the photo below. Some people say I’m obsessive about stuff. I can’t think why! This evening I packed (just) my running gear for the 3 miles on Saturday and of course the marathon on Sunday. I’m not sure I’ve covered […]

Hmm… It’s less than 96 hours to a marathon. Rest is what I need. Instead I find myself running up a fairly steep incline. John beside me asks if this is what I call a taper, delivered with the requisite level of mild comedy in his voice! No, this isn’t. No. Tonight was a quick […]

5 days to go. It’s exciting. It’s the third Brighton marathon. It’s my third Brighton marathon! I spent a bit of time trawling the website and checking the final details. My train ticket is booked and I’m all ready to go now. Aside from the legs! I’ve done a few longer runs since Barcelona and […]