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First up, who said Norfolk was flat? I ran on the flattest bits I could find, but there were certainly gradients involved. I haven’t bothered to venture down to Sheringham yet (and may well not do so as a run) as it’s a really steep downhill to get there and would mean one hell of […]

As it says, squeezed into the day in place of no run at all, just the good old three miles today. Off to Norfolk tomorrow. It’s flat, right? Andy. Today’s shoes: Silver and Yellow Kayano 17s Mileage today: 3.00 Training mileage so far: 71.09 Marathon mileage so far: 26.25

This evening was my first run since Chester on Sunday. I was pleased to find that everyone was out for a short one as a good number of the club are off to Istanbul at the weekend to take part in the marathon there. Best of luck guys, PBs all round eh?!? The plan was […]

…so that sort of gives the game away, but I wasn’t feeling great and haven’t been for about three weeks now so a sub 3h10 is very good. It qualifies me for London 2013 (the deadline is well and truly gone for the 2012) and so it’s a good start to the year. As for […]

Just a quick (or rather actually quite slow) three miles today, ahead of the first marathon tomorrow. Weather forecast is looking quite horrible for tomorrow. The combination of rainy, windy and very warm temperature too is a pretty horrible combo when you’re in for a few hours of road running. It’s going to be a […]

I’ve been in Sheffield today and am staying here until tomorrow afternoon. It’s been raining heavily, on and off all day. I managed to escape a half hour or so early (whilst it wasn’t raining) to get out there before the weather turned. I headed out from the hotel and off down the road with […]

And it’s in my city. The Greater Manchester Marathon on 29th April 2012. Details are here and it’s about as flat a route as you’re going to find, with only one hill! See you there!

Today one of my distant colleagues had booked in for a 3 miler. His name is Umer and, well frankly he’s slow on the uptake, having entirely missed my entire year of 3 miles a day and had to join us a fortnight later! David and Damian made up the rest of the group and […]

So the target for today was twelve miles. Accompanied by my trusty sidekick on a bike, off we went. Less than a mile in, the left knee was playing up badly. I have a sort of tightness running from top to bottom of the kneecap. It’s painful, but worse, disconcerting. I stopped repeatedly to stretch […]

Having taken another two days off, today was supposed to be six miles. I decided on an out and back route and was glad I did. At three miles I was really struggling and felt absolutely out of energy. The return three were tough and I really felt like giving in. I can’t even manage […]