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This will start well and might eventually descend into a rant. Sorry, but that’s what it needs! Leaving the house this morning was tough. It was raining, cold, windy and generally horrible outside. And I had another marathon to run. Not the best day for a very long run eh?! We parked the car and […]

It’s raining today. Good practice for tomorrow I suspect. The forecast is grim for the Manchester marathon tomorrow. Rain and windy is the expectation. If it is right, it’s going to be a long cold run! My friend Keith dropped me a text last night to say he’s finally given in and signed up for […]

In the quest for a more relaxed week of running I joined Dave and Paddy, running with the middle group at our club run this evening. The group often breaks into two, unintentionally. Dave, Paddy and I had a great run with the back half of the group, taking in Farnham park along the way […]