Who am I?

My name is Andy Ratcliffe. I’m 34, a civil servant and currently live in Surrey.

I didn’t used to be a runner but I’d always wanted to say I had run a marathon. In 2009 I suddenly decided to start running. Three weeks later I completed the Great North Run half marathon in a little over 2 hours. I couldn’t walk for three weeks after that.

Undeterred, I paid my £50 and got myself a place in the inaugural Brighton marathon in 2010. I took it easy for a while, went and had my gait analysed properly and followed a first timer marathon training plan. I completed the 2010 Brighton marathon, my first, in 4h41m. Then I said never again. Everybody does.

A couple of months later I met James Ellis, the founder of 1095miles.com who later convinced me to try and follow him and take on the challenge when he finished in late September 2010. I took it on. During the year of running I completed the second Brighton marathon in a time of 3h25m. A considerable achievement for a guy who, just a year or so before had been incapacitated by running a half marathon. Things were looking up ;-)

I completed the 1095miles.com challenge on 20th September 2011 and handed the metaphorical baton over to four new runners.

I now accept that I’m a runner and that actually, for an amateur, I’m not half bad. Here’s the evidence…

What you’ll find here is the trials and tribulations of a running career gone wrong…and if I get to the end of the year intact, I will reveal why I’m actually doing this ;-)

Running History
Great North Run – 2h04m
Brighton Marathon – 4h41m
Manchester 10k – 52m
London 10k – 50m
Great North Run – 1h59m
Barcelona Half – 1h37m
Wilmslow Half – 1h36m
Brighton Marathon – 3h25m
Manchester 10k – 41m02s (PB)
London 10k – 41m04s
Great North Run – 1h28m (PB)
Chester Marathon – 3h09m (PB)
Luton Marathon – 3h21m
Lisbon Marathon – 3h24m
Gloucester Marathon – 3h29m
Barcelona Marathon – 3h39m
Brighton Marathon – 3h22m
Greater Manchester Marathon – 3h28m
Chester Half Marathon – 1h39m
CSSC Queen’s Jubilee 10k –
Manchester GreatRun 10k –
Edinburgh Marathon –
Wales Marathon –
Lakeland Trails Marathon –
Berlin Marathon –
Sparkasse Lake Constance Marathon –

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